Saturday, 14 January 2017


 Shysters in Government

Tellbull, Rubber Lips Morrison and Werner Von Broomen along with Queen to bishop knight at Polo one, have all been in the sleazy press lately. Like Billious Clinton and her hubby Hill Billy, they are so heavily supported by the media, that like the American counterparts, they can easily go out and kill someone with media blessings. 
Now the nefarious group in Australia have set their sites on disenfranchising Muslims, especially those with numerous wives who are claiming numerous sets of welfare payments a tenth of which gets sent to ISIS, ISIL or ISLAM. But, as per Scott [rubber lips] Morrison's usual un-thought out plans for the betterment of his hip pocket, he has created a plan that also takes down the elderly and in many cases destroys their right to a pension which they have paid for at a rate of 7.5% of their wages over [in my case] 45 years of hard work without superannuation. That 7.5% has been a non-stop payment and the government has had no right to steal that money as it was paid into the bulk trust fund for pensioners. Now these filthy disreputable wealthy crap heads are trying to tell pensioners that they should get used to the idea that they are not entitled to the money that has been deducted from their pay for decades because it is Government money. Well Scott [Rubber Lips] Morrison, I can guarantee you one thing, I would never walk in your shoes, I have too much value for the nicer things in life. You and Werner Von Broomen are the last [except Tellbull] of the Liberal Government for pre 2020. We should not forget Scrawny Tawny the Queen to Bishop Knight at Polo [perhaps we will just call her Polo Pony for short] who, like Werner Von Broomen, loves to rack up huge travel expense bills for the Australian public to pay on their visits to sporting fixtures with their loved ones.
Australian pensioners are being asked to prove that they are not living in Defacto relationship with anyone, how? well let us take a 72-years-old male who has a 35 year-old female flatmate. The Government sends him a form that ask about 50 question, all designed to make those attempting too fill it in, stumble and possibly fall. Some of the remarkable questions to that male were insulting and clearly an invasion of privacy. How is this for a question; How long have you been share flatting with your flatmate and do you have sexual intercourse with her/him? PERVERTS. Next question; Do you  share a common room? Next question; Do you share a bedroom? next question; Do you share a bathroom? Next question; do you share household items like plates knives and forks etc? This is Australia in action showing just how childishly mental Rubber Lips can be. Oh yes, when I find out who the Social Services Minister is, I will have him for morning tea.
This will show those [especially the Americans] just how stupid and perverse the Australian Government has become with the media backing. A comparison would certainly be the problems had by Donald Trump and the low life that operate within media circles in America. I should like to know if there is one [just one] honest media group in all of the Americas? What the Australian nis trying to do is rid themselves of the Muslim problem they created, by treating the Australian poor [who had to pay their taxes too] like four wife owning  Muslims and taking away part or all of their pension which they have paid for!!!  
A message to the low life Liberals; you are the lowest form of life who are using [like leeches and lice] the public as your private purse. You will soon find that you will not be allowed to remain in your positions for much longer and I would suggest that Von Broomen and Polo Pony [she likes to take everyone for a ride] should curtail their spending while their bosses attempt to rip the fragile fabric of Australia's pensioners apart. In other words, watch what you do for it will certainly come back to haunt you. Both Bishops taken off Parliament floor