Monday, 26 September 2016


The Press 
The most sickening thing to see in Australia and America at this moment is the  sleazy press, they will have the disgusting blame applied to them for their absolutely rotten support of a government being run by dopes that can only be equaled by the media themselves. It is blatantly obvious that the media are being told to write this and say that by their moguls and in the name of their job, they do so.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, go read up on the judges of Nuremberg and see the excuses they gave for supporting that which they knew was wrong, see what penalties they were dealt, there is no peace for the wicked and what you are doing is just as damaging to our world as the taking of damnable orders was to Germany.
The media is not supposed to take sides in politics but for some reason, both the ABC and Channel Seven have taken it upon themselves to rubbish the Labor Party to the hilt. This is sickening to watch and during the election in July, some of the hosts on television [whom I won't name because I do not know their names] Anyway, the skinny blonde that interviewed Bill Shorten began smirking at him during her interview because she firmly believed [had told her stupid self] that Labor were going to be wiped out by Malcolm Tellbull and his gang of forty thieves. How wonderful it was to watch her changing face as the votes rolled in, how wonderful it was when Australian voters preferred the redheaded female Himmler to Tellbull and his mates. Even Derrin Hinch got a seat and that speaks volumes. ABC, you are a lot of bloody idiots who have no idea about anything dealing with humanity. Once I was angry that a Liberal Government wanted to disband the ABC and now I wonder why? So many of your mentally deranged Journos??? appear to be logged into the Liberals and now you have what you were asking for, a shambles of your own making.

Channel Seven must have shares in the ABC because they caught the same derailed train and became entangled in the same mire that ABC could not stay away from. Your efforts in doing the Olympics cannot be faulted, you gave the wealthy Aussies what they wanted, rich kids, spoiled rich kids trotting around Athletic tracks in Rio and diving into green water at the pool. What happened to the boxing and the field events? All memories revert to those Aussie kids who were too tired to compete after partying in the USA before going on to Rio. My memory will always revert to a tired looking women's soccer team standing on field watching Canada kick a twenty second goal, the fastest in history against a rubber legged group of party-worn poopers. Even during a later match when scores were level after extra time, some of them did not have the legs to kick the ball faster than a two-year-old child. Team Sports are fine but teams like the Matilda's should not go to the Olympic Games because they are obviously more interested in the party that application. It is obvious that the AOL are not paying enough attention to the off-field goings-on by some of these feminists who would flaunt the rules. One young lady who comes to mind as a role model for those who would play is the Pentathlon girl who won Gold for her country, Soccer, Rugby and in fact all team sports should be given a photo of that lass to remind them of their work.
Never in history can one see where such filth has been shown against the man that the greater proportion of Americans wanted as their next President than what has been leveled against Donald Trump and here in Australia we have seen the same dirt.